13.03.02-11 (2013)

solid color lighting study, with multiple optical reactions on the face, hands and shoulders

feedback video
Full Description

This session provided a wealth of examples of the types of effects made possible by refining the process of generating optical reactions on the skin. At this time I was experimenting with the use of solid color lights at various intensities to either encourage or suppress a particular reaction. When a certain balance point was obtained, which the performer was aware of through the use of a nearby reflector, a remarkable blending of color fields and striations occurred, forming what appeared more like ribbons of color, unlike the thinner strands that were seen before. The blend of purples and greens is particularly striking to me.

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Artist Statement

The uniqueness of each person’s physical appearance is a guarantee that every portrait reaction will be unique in its expression from moment to moment. Subtle movements of the eyes and mouth, and even more subtle elements of reflectivity, texture and color, all combine to form an optical “echo chamber” which resonates at each individual’s harmonic spectrum. Rather than resonating on acoustic frequencies however, optical resonance is more about the geometry of each person’s physical presence.

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