11.08.06-09 (2011)

multiple reactions within an ambient solid color lighting field

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Full Description

This session was a study in the use of solid color lighting to influence the creation of imagery on the skin. The introduction of any static element to a chain reaction, in general, will tend to either dampen that reaction or accelerate it to an extreme conclusion. Used in moderation however, solid color lighting can form an exterior barrier that encapsulates an optical cycle, like a circle of stones will focus and contain a campfire. With a slight glow of red along the upper arm, for example, the middle portion of the arm begins to circle through the colors of the rainbow, and since the reaction is without any avenue of escape, an indefinite sustainability occurs.

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Artist Statement

In larger optical fields, all parts of the human figure become reactive, and even more so within a studio “light stage” setting. Human skin is a highly optically reactive surface that allows light to filter through many layers before reflecting back. While the light bounces within the more transparent outer layers of epidermis, unexpected colors may be picked up — the blue of a nearby vein for example — that can be sensed by the camera and amplified by the projection system.

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