11.05.29 touch (2011)

Two reactive systems were positioned so that they just barely touched each other on their margins. A stream of light escaped from one display into the other, and the two became united, sharing the bridge as if it was a single entity. The connective tissue even became rope-like, as if it was a lifeline swinging between two cores of light.

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Two optical reactors, each consisting of a video camera connected to a video projector and aimed at their respective projections, are situated in front of a 20' section of wall. The intersection of the two reactions is very slight, at some times no more than a single column of pixels. While configuring the setups, I discovered that synchrony was occurring between the two systems. This is similar to the effect of placing many pendulum metronomes on a flexible board and observing that they all eventually synchronize perfectly. The same phenomenon is occurring within an optical field, except the frequency is 30 cycles per second, much faster than any metronome. At such high speeds, equilibrium becomes evident almost immediately, and the illusion is that both sides conspired to create a unique third entity which exhibits the graphical characteristics of both "parents." However there was no design in the creation of the bridge, it is a manifestation of what is possible when two reactive perimeters are placed in contact.

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Artist Statement

Theory could not have predicted the results obtained by connecting electronics equipment in such simple ways – and it remains to be seen what can occur when other types of devices are combined in similar ways.

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