Rain (2013)

This video, with its bright and lively colors, it is a cry of fear and a request for help, the symbolic staging of what is really happening around us. An uninterrupted and unexpected rain striking for its mercilessness, for the harshness with which it presents us the real conditions of the environment around us. How not to feel it on, we are those crushed and suffering leaves under a rain from which we cannot escape, a rain that leaves its mark as an indelible stain, the symptom of our wrong daily actions. “Nature” is alone uder this rain like a soulless object, and we are part of it too.

Full Description

Short film, shot with a high definition digital camera, duration 5 mins. By Barbara Agreste.

Work metadata

  • Year Created: 2013
  • Submitted to ArtBase: Wednesday Sep 25th, 2013
  • Original Url: http://youtu.be/Z9KOcN_u59w
  • Work Credits:
    • BarbaraAgreste, primary creator
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Artist Statement

In this video the Rain is made out of blood: a constant red rain falls on the vegetation of the town. Here the concept of violence is not expressed literally with scenes of cruelty, but it is symbolically represented by the never ending rain that exists through the all duration of the film. This video does not present a resolution to this sad scenario, there are only few moments in which the rain stops, and leaves violently shaken by the wind moving in slow motion inhabit the screen.

The violence of the wind is here only a preface to another sad paragraph of rain. Rain starts with bunch of dry leaves and branches that fall on the floor to subsequently draw the attention to a garden where we see some blood dripping on the grass, and hear a sound of two single notes echoing; at every change of scene there is the falling of a red flower, a brunch or a seed making a sudden dry noise.

This kind of object-falling represents a loss or a sacrifice, or even a sudden waking, that always brings us back to the observing of the red rain. This video does not present a narrative with a beginning, a middle point, and a resolutive end, but it confronts us with the same action repeated over and over in different places, therefore ironically it is like a vinyl record playing always the same music.

The irony of the content adds to the well thought composition of the images, and to the dynamism of some shots: this beautiful imagery is contradicted, and although coexists with the discomfort of the viewing of blood.

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