I vs I - RMX (2012)

There were copyright can't exploit creativity, remixing my own works, there were I am the only one who can say what is right! I vs I - RMX

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Full Description

"I vs I - RMX", it's about remix, in support of remix, which is often seen as stealing other people works. It's I remixing me to state that even if copyright institutions and corporation (an people obsessed with others stealing their works) would block and copyright everything available, I could still be able to remix myself and remix will always exist as it always existed. So I put my works online, I download them on my Ipad and remix them, to create new image and to promote my works, promotion which is one of the key that people don't get about remix that who remixes your works is helping you promoting your works, especially once you put it online. "If someone remixes you it means that you exist" (Girl Talk)

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Artist Statement

I have freedom to remix! I remix therefore I am!

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