Gabrielle Le Bayon - Portraits From the Back (2013)

Portraits from the Back is a series of video paintings each showing a figure standing or sitting in the foreground, with their back to the camera and looking at distant landscapes.

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Through the repetition of this visual structure, the emphasis is given to the diversity of environments experienced in the everyday: On-the-way landscapes, which can be perceived as the embodiment of human emotion. The front of these subjects is invisible; hence it is the landscape that embodies their face.

This series is inspired by the pictorial element in the background of Renaissance portrait paintings, which is a window opening onto a pastoral or architectural landscape. They evoke the mind of the subject or the thought of the painter. Portraits from the back explores the possibilities of poetics enclosed in the modern image of the human figure in geographically and emotionally intimate environments.

Gabrielle Le Bayon lives and works in Paris and London. Le Bayon has exhibited Le Bayon has exhibited widely including: George Polke gallery, London; The Projection Gallery, Liverpool Biennial; Intermix06 Pavilion; Video Bank Vidéoformes, Clermont-Ferrand, FR; Foldback Festival, Reception Space gallery, London; Pantheon Gallery, Cyprus; East End Film Festival, London; Athens Video Art Festival, Greece; Open Gallery, London; La Ménagerie de Verre, Paris, FR; Souvenir From The Earth, Köln, Germany; Mill Street Studio, Dublin. She is also the founder of Vapour Films, and curated the Short Ends Film Festival from 2003-05.

Gabrielle Le Bayon’s video work is held in collections by, the Institute of Art and Ideas, International Asset Management and various private collectors in the UK and France.

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