edinburgh/demon (2007)


Report from an occupied territory or how we learned to love the Winterberg-Demon-Machine.

"edinburgh/demon is a semiotic machine, combining different sign systems into a new meaningful whole. Although each of the 79 parts of this art work are complete forms in themselves, they are also integrated into a whole - playing with the uses of the two words ‹demon› and ‹machine›."

Full Description

"The work uses different sign systems with unlike interactive potential. The internetprojet of Esther Hunziker and Felix Zbinden can be seen as a continuation of montage and collage as used since the avantgarde. edinburgh/demon is highly intertextual / intermedial: a poetic work, a thought experiment and a theoretical reflection on Maxwell’s demon at the same time."

Karin Wenz: The Demon Machine or 79 Ways to Face a Demon

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