The Open Prize Shortlist 2011 (2013)

This collection contains 22 video paintings by the nine artists, who were shortlisted for The Open Prize 2010.

These works were premiered as part of a major exhibition in Shoreditch Town Hall Basement, during October / November 2011.

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A panel of judges including Open Gallery curator Hilary Lawson, artist-filmmaker Stuart Croft, curator, writer and Frieze contributing editor Tom Morton and SITE Gallery Director Laura Sillars will select the overall winner as Sidsel Christensen.

“a remarkable breadth and variety in this shortlist… This exhibition [of video painting] achieves a focus. The DNA of a movement.” Anthony Haden-Guest, The Open Prize 2010

The Open Prize, designed to celebrate emerging artists working within the video painting medium, brings together intriguing and diverse new video works. The winner will be selected from the short listed group of eight and will receive funding towards their future video projects and exhibitions with Open Gallery.

The Open Prize Exhibition was presented alongside Ten Years of Video Painting: A Retrospective. An exhibition presenting work that spans the last ten years of the movements growth alongside five new solo series’ by artists: Jasmina Metwaly (Winner of The Open Prize 2010), Gemma Pardo, Alys Williams, Gabrielle Le Bayon and George Barber.

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