All Surfaces Become One (2013)

All Surfaces Become One is a new body of work created augmented reality and the artist own mobile app. Using dynamic image recognition the artist has created six large digital sculptures that the viewers can move around, through, and see from any perspective by using there smartphone or tablet as a viewing device. Unlike most augmented reality artworks these are stable and associated with the imagery in the gallery. The responsive quality of these works create a feeling of the sculptures being in your presence. This allows for a never before seen space of phenomenological investigation of virtual data.

Center for Contemporary Art Sacramento
October 9th - November 14th

Full Description

The imagery throughout the show is derived from 3D collages created by the artist using everyday objects to recycled studio materials. The collages are then scanned into the computer to create 3D models. The models are translated across multiple mediums ranging from rendered 2D digital prints, animation, augmented reality, and 3D printing. The 3D augmented reality works are not only reliant on the 2D prints on which they load, but also the viewer’s smartphones. While the prints themselves focus on form and surface, the sculptures are made viewable only through the screen. The exhibition includes six large digital prints, one animation, and multiple 3D printed sculptures.

Work metadata

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Artist Statement

Christopher Manzione’s new work is a dynamic blend of high-tech augmented reality, animation, and 3D printed sculptures. The work questions an object’s origin and presence in a world of ubiquitous digital and network technologies. Manzione’s 3D printed sculptures seamlessly integrate digital and analog processes. His augmented digital images challenge notions of a polarity between “real” and “digital” objects by simultaneously manifesting as physical and virtual, demonstrating no preference or hierarchy for one experience over the other.

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