lightfish (2013)

Sometimes a recognizable form is suggested when a static optical entity is produced. In this case, three reactors were trained on a white stretched canvas, and daylight filled the room from an open window. Where the fields intersected, a texture was formed that resembled, to me at least, the scales on the side of a fish.

feedback video
Full Description

Optical reactions only occur in controlled studio environments, usually under low-light conditions. When projected onto a uniformly colored flat surface, as is the case with this portfolio entry, the challenge is first to construct an optical phenomenon and then quickly find some way of making the event endure. This requires an immediate visual understanding of the optical system while it is evolving, as well as some way to change the environment or the reactor system itself to somehow encourage the sustainability of the event.

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Artist Statement

With some level of control, it is possible to create long sequences of video which feeds upon itself frame by frame, uncovering graphical forms that are unique from one moment to the next yet exhibiting a consistent graphical signature that almost resembles a form of aesthetic style. Continuous optical reactions operate at a rate of just under 30 frames per second, and sometimes separate simultaneous reactions interleave the frames like alternate pages in a book.

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