Blocktronics ACiD Trip (2013) - Worlds longest ANSI art (2013)

by RaD Man

"Blocktronics ACiD Trip" is a collaborative work of ANSI art produced by 22 artists from 6 different countries.

Full Description

This is a video rendering of the "Blocktronics ACiD Trip" ANSI scroller, tailored for 1080p HD full-screen display.

"Blocktronics ACiD Trip" first debuted at Demosplash 2013, held at Carnegie Mellon University, October 4-5, 2013, where it won first place in the ANSI/ASCII art competition. In addition to winning first place, this ANSI also received the highest honor possible: a perfect score of 100.

This ANSI was created by 22 artists from 6 different countries using a collaborative ANSI editing tool called PabloDraw. At 3,266 lines long, this is far and away the longest ANSI scroller ever created.

Full credits: accessdenied, avg, cyonx, Deeply Disturbed, delicious, enzO, filth, H7, misfit, mattmatthew, ober, RaD Man, retribution, ReV, smoke, sonic, spear, The Creep Fever, the text exorcist, ungenannt, whazzit, zerovision.

Australia + Brazil + Canada + Finland + Sweden + USA

Work metadata

  • Year Created: 2013
  • Submitted to ArtBase: Tuesday Oct 29th, 2013
  • Original Url:
  • Work Credits:
    • RaD Man, artist
    • avg, artist
    • cyonx, artist
    • Deeply Disturbed, artist
    • delicious, artist
    • enzO, artist
    • filth, artist
    • H7, artist
    • misfit, artist
    • mattmatthew, artist
    • ober, artist
    • retribution, artist
    • ReV, artist
    • smoke, artist
    • sonic, artist
    • spear, artist
    • The Creep Fever, artist
    • the text exorcist, artist
    • ungenannt, artist
    • whazzit, artist
    • zerovision, artist
  • Collective: blocktronics
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Artist Statement

Blocktronics is an art collective which aims to encourage, support, and preserve the digital text mode art community.

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