The Lamentations (2013)

Part Four of Lamentations - This is the final episode of Harding’s NetArt narrative of love, hope and reconciliation. The Lamentaions takes place five years after two lover's attempt a final reconciliation (described in Lamentations Part Three - Snakes, In My Heart-Blood Warmed).
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This is the final episode of Harding’s NetArt narrative of love, hope and reconciliation that describes the lives of two lovers over a course of nearly 20 years.

The Lamentations series is based upon the Jeremiah’s Book of Lamentation – a text of profound beauty and suffering.

In the five chapters of Jeremiah’s book, he describes the destruction of Jerusalem and its Temple in the late 6C BC. For the Jews living then, this was he destruction of their soul. Jeremiah describes Israel’s sins against God, God’s rage against his people, their suffering and their pleas for forgiveness.

Harding uses these themes as the framework for love and losing love. In The Lamentations, the two lovers, now old and long separated from each other, reflect upon their love and the emptiness of their lives. There are three episodes before The Lamentations, all displayed on Dangerous Condition describes the lovers ending their relationship; in Stupid Love and Snakes, they share the sorrow and despair of their lives, the longing they have for each other, and attempt some sort of reconciliation.

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