untitled (The Wanderer) (2013)

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Artist Statement

The re-imagining of Romantic Painting with 'astronomic vision' - the artists' utilization of satellite imagery and data sets within astrophysics as well as utilizing computer modeling software commonly utilized by NASA and JPL for project simulations & visualization. This work fuses these ideas & tools with the canonical works by Caspar David Friederich - a contemporary re-interpretation of what we would consider 'the sublime'

The crystalline figures in these images are textured by the vibrant color from the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe. Each particle emitted from the figure is determined by the varying degrees of the spectrum of blue, green, yellow, and red within the WMAP. Literally a long exposure of cosmic background radiation, the WMAP is considered to be a photograph of the remnants of the Big Bang.

An ongoing series...


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