Narcissus (Net Reflections) (2013)

Installation displayed at the Camberwell College of Arts Masters degree show 2013

Full Description

In this work I have attempted to merge theories developed through my Masters research, titled Digital Renaissance, into an installation using GIFs to merge my thoughts on the impact of the Internet on our daily lives with the aesthetic properties of Renaissance artwork.

To rework the story of Narcissus into a contemporary context, I have substituted Narcissus and the falling in love with his reflection with the idea that increasingly we find we are unable to look away from the content beyond our screens and devices. Our social lives, business transactions, news, banking and many other areas of our offline activities are steadily becoming digitalised, creating the idea that we find ourselves unable to look away from our digital reflections.

In this work the appropriation of artwork from Bottichelli, Benczur, Caravaggio and Raphael have been used to represent first of all ourselves looking through the glass of the screen into the net below, symbolised by Caravaggios Narcissus, along with the idea of self consciousness, identity and communication that repeat endlessly in GIF formats reflecting visual components of the net itself.

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