Dr. Mud Scab (2013)

This portrait of Highly Esteemed Doctor of Satellite Technologies, Mud Scab, was created by a fictional Townsperson to honor Mud Scab's scholarly achievements. During her lifetime, Mud Scab was bestowed with many honorary degrees and titles. To just name a few, she served as First Minister of Chemistry, worked tirelessly in her post as Top Economist, and shared her knowledge of Satellite Technology during radio broadcasts. It comes as no surprise that many a song has been written about this great woman and her achievements. May the cassettes of her lectures never end up on a West Field dirt heap.

Full Description

acrylic paintings on canvas.

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Artist Statement

Creating a Dead Gift and offering it to the memory of a dead person connects the living person to the greatness of the dead person. Because the dead are not able to receive the Dead Gifts, Authority Office collects and exhibits the Dead Gifts on behalf of Gwin Von Pellets, Mud Scab and Brian.What is the value of these undelivered Dead Gifts? Authority Office believes that Dead Gifts radiate the original spirit of Gwin, Mud and Brian. These beautiful objects are relics worthy of veneration. During their lifetimes, Gwin, Mud and Brian faced challenge and tragedy, and in the end, they gloriously triumphed. The memory of the Authority Office heroes provides an undying message of hope and perseverance. The exhibition of Dead Gifts invites the public to participate in the celebration of this glorious legend.

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