The Process of a Sneeze Face (2013)

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Artist Statement

Throughout our remarkable evolutionary history, Homo sapiens have evolved to the top of the food chain as a result of our strong desire and unique ability to master our surroundings. Our developed capacity for abstract thought has led to the creation of various tools in an attempt to control the natural world to our advantage. As technology continues to help us control our environment, it seems we are losing our understanding (or acceptance) of the ultimate truth; that is, our bodies will fail and we will die.

The Process of a Sneeze Face addresses the unbalanced struggle between our true reality as organic matter with a desire to control our biological processes. The work exists as an abstract allegory, taking the viewer through an interactive narrative using the “sneeze face” as a symbol of our inability to control our own biology. The Process of a Sneeze Face is not a pessimistic or morbid outlook on life but an excited promotion of the truth of our nature as organisms. We are extraordinary animals that exist within a complex system of the natural world on Earth and the universe. The Process of a Sneeze Face advocates the responsibility and joy of accepting this position in our present time and space.

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