Graffanimation (2014)

Graffanimation archives a new body of GIF animation works that push and challenge the context of street art & graffiti.

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Artist Statement

Once I heard the term Graffanimation it solidified my resonance with it. It also became the energy behind wanting to create more GIF animations based on my own studio, graffiti and public works of art. I had already been generating GIFs and motion graphics for the last few years, but not using graffiti or street art as a subject. As an artist who grew up in NY I was inspired by graffiti and began writing and tagging early on. The craft and inspiration never left my interest or awareness and continues to play a role in my studio based work today. The way that I use graffiti in my work has changed. It has evolved into a series of hybrids that are based on my own connection to the subject matter itself. Generating GIF work feels like the natural progression of evolution in my work. It is my intention to push the context of graffiti and what it can be as technology and the internet plays more and more of a role in how art can be created, viewed, shared and experienced on demand.

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