OVERFLOW. A suicide note (2013)

"Overflow. A suicide note".


A woman sacrifices herself in a technological scene, in front of virtual witnesses and streets coexisting in time in different places.
The screen is the suicide note, the physical support of a protest that overflows through an invisible mechanism that activates the self-destruction sequence.

It is the suicide note that burns and sets fire to the woman, becoming the bonfire of her protests. 'Overflow' is a videocreation made in real-time with automated machines and telepresence systems (and a veiled tribute to José Val del Omar.)

Credits: Direction: Sara Malinarich Actress: Carolina Priego Technical direction and programming: Manuel Terán Editing, post-production and graphics: Jorge Ruiz Abánades Photography: Maku Lopez 3D Motion: François Mourre Asistents: Ignacio Pons and Pedro Pons Acknowledgments: Camila Foncillas, Jesús Muñoz

A collaboration of Zona NN, Monster Study, INTACT Project.

Video creation by telepresence systems. Topic: "protest". Made for the international Femlink project, video-makers women

Note: The audio of this piece is in Dia-phonic system, created by José Val del Omar in 1944. It means the speakers must be as follow: R-Channel in front of us and L-Channel in our back.

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