Many transhumanists are tirelessly searching for the symbol of singularity, which could both reveal the essence and unify the followers. Some options proposed include a dot, an exponent, a Möbius strip… the most radical followers propose a nano-robot with a living cell as a background.

But what about another step towards complex understanding of reality, becoming aware and expressing the essence of polysingularity?

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A notion that multiplies singularity is not going to be easily understood by anyone. However, the symbol of polysingularity, or HEARTWIN, is a clearly readable and easily recognized entity. It signifies twin hearts, double penetration, ecstasy symbolizing an orgasm, humanity, the infinite flow of love as well as human reproduction. Anybody can understand the essence and ingenious simplicity of these eternal ideas in this current reincarnation.

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Artist Statement

Polysingularity multiplies singularity. 1 + 1 is not 2, it can be also 3. Singularity aims towards a global complete takeover of one unity over the rest. Polysingularity aims towards supporting plurality of opinions, entities and perceptions in this increasingly interconnected world.

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