Le Femme (2014)

This the fifth in Harding's Collection Series that that blends interactive art with Craigslist images. The images come from the Personal Section of Craigslist. Harding associates the images with our daily words to create changing kaleidoscope of word/image textures.

Full Description

Le Femme is a part of Gracie Harding's Collection Series. "I love surfing through Craigslist!! The pictures that people adorn their postings with are incredible. The Collection Series reflect several years of Craigslist surfing and some of the pictures that attracted me. Arranged, of course, is sets of tasteful [?]collages." Gracie Harding on the New Hudson Exit (http://www.newhudsonexit.org). 4/17 - multiple images were changed as well as text commentary.

Work metadata

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