Cooperative Phonograph (2013)

The Cooperative Phonograph uses forgotten 19th century audio technology in a sculpted cooperative experience that is regarded as magic by the current generation of digital natives. Several different textured sound waves can be scraped- using a business card as the phonograph stylus. One person spins huge record disc to maintain the rotation frequency (musical pitch), while another person holds the sound wave scraper and varies the amplitude (volume) of the musical experience. This shared-control interface encourages users to cooperate, and interact with each other.

Full Description

Digital tools and CNC machining were used to create the soundwave record in stainless steel. It plays back recorded sounds delivers a tactile and auditory experience for users as it stands- unplugged. The Cooperative Phonograph outdoor sculpture in stainless steel is sturdy to provide long lived function. It is an archival artifact of the digital age that has transcended the need for electronic mediation.

Work metadata

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Artist Statement

I sculpt physically-active experiences around spectacular phenomena from the world of science, transforming them from esoteric into intuitively accessible experiences that activate natural human curiosity. My robust designs encourage users explore and play together, infusing public spaces with a comfortable feeling of community. This is the highest purpose of public art.


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