Veri (2013)

Veri documents my experience with bipolar II through writing and a curated collection of photography in magazine and website form. It also includes a participatory exhibit.

Full Description

To create this curated collection, I did Google image searches for words that are evocative to me without being literal descriptors. I set the search parameters to require that the image be in color and over 8 megapixels in size. Over the course of our six-month semester I reviewed over twenty thousand images. Each search took about two hours to yield 4–5 interesting images. Once I found an image I was interested in, I visited the web page where it was found to find out about the photographer and the intent of the photograph. The writings and the image search were kept separate — only when the writing was completed and the images compiled did I match them. The images are grouped into four categories: Features, Writings, Thoughts, and Stand Alones (cover, table of contents, glossary, etc.) The Feature, Thoughts, and Stand Alone images have looser criterion than the Writings images. The Writings images had to meet the following criteria: Photographs only. No stock photos. Not self-consciously beautiful. I was looking for figurative, not literal, interpretations. I had to be especially conscious of avoiding well-lit, artfully-composed, thoughtfully-created images. Appealing to me on both an aesthetic and emotional level. No pictures of kids. Children are inherently compelling. Only minimal cropping allowed.

Work metadata

  • Year Created: 2013
  • Submitted to ArtBase: Sunday May 18th, 2014
  • Original Url:
  • Work Credits:
    • Leslie Tane, primary creator
    • Heather Perry, Photographer
    • Leigh Anna Thompson, Photographer
    • Ashley Young, Photographer
    • Katherine Center, Photographer
    • Rachel Tavel, Photographer
    • Hugh Wattles, Photographer
    • Ellen Linder, Photographer
    • Crowd of Clouds, Photographer
    • Randall Talbot, Photographer
    • Saira Ansari, Photographer
    • Kimberlie Dame, Photographer
    • Chattanooga Convention & Visitors Bureau, Photographer
    • Thomas Westphal, Photographer
    • Dena Qaddumi, Photographer
    • Robert Johnson, Photographer
    • Dickbird, Photographer
    • Sandy Lee, Photographer
    • Nada Al Marshad, Photographer
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Artist Statement

Veri documents my experience with bipolar II through writing and a curated collection of photography. The photographs were taken by people who do not have bipolar disorder and were not created with the intent to comment on or reflect mental illness — the inference in all cases is mine. With the exception of the cover photographer, I don’t know any of the image makers. These are strangers’ images, which are impersonal, embodying something immensely personal. Veri is the truest representation of my worldview.

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