Vaughn (2013)

Going deep inside the Self-Help Movement, digital media artist Jason Safir presents a serious exposé on this multibillion-dollar industry through a notorious web campaign which causes real damage to its paying customers.

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Artist Statement

Vaughn Murphy embodies the perfect life guru in a culture drowning in the moral ambiguity and projected blame of victimization. Preying on the vulnerability of people who struggle with real life problems,’s overly optimistic brand of self-help attempts to lead its visitors to believe that there is something wrong with them and only Vaughn can help. Although there is no denying that self-help can benefit people in certain situations, there is no justification for the $8.56 billion the field grosses annually on ludicrous products. This is ultimately what I am attempting to highlight in my body of work and through my character. A meaningful parody of the mainstreaming of self-help dogma, in, self-help is everywhere, yet it’s nowhere.

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