Southgate Bridge Graffiti - I (2012)

The Taylor Southgate Bridge connects Newport, Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio. The bridge attracts several graffiti artists who use the bridge's columns as their canvas. The graffiti is fleeting: the Kentucky DOT greys out the graffiti usually within a month after it appears. This series from 2012 shows a dozen poems and drawings done at that time. The complete series can be found on

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Artist Statement

We first saw the poetry in July 2012 but don't know when Eszpebea actually started the work but it was likely done in June. The artist writes on all parts of the bridge - railings, beams, sidewalks and steps. The Kentucky Department of Transportation works almost as hard as Eszpebea to paint over or sand away the work.

What is pictured here are twelve fragments on the bridge beams from the June-July 2012 period. They are all gone now. The last we looked [August 2012], Eszpebea was doing the sidewalk on the southside of the bridge. It will probably be gone in a couple of weeks but by then the artist will be back somewhere else.


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