Portrait of the Bride (2014)

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Artist Statement

Throughout my work, I combine the languages inherent in both sculpture and photography to construct forms that break down the distinctions between image and object, expression and documentation, icon and index, art and technology.

Drawing on both digital technology and direct material processes, my work starts with images sourced from family, found and staged photographs that are then digitized and rendered using CAD software. Through this process, I identify and extract a corresponding form that I build by hand. My process enables me to question how objects build and shed meaning over time within a screen-based culture.

Image and form are fused to function as a lens looking at both the past, by way of imagery carried on the surface that captures specific moments and patterns leading up to the my families immigration eventually to the United States, while remaining rooted in the present, by way of the object’s digitally derived facture. Underlying this is an investigation into the depiction of third culture identity and multi-locationism. With these works, I seek to bridge the everyday and the political, connect history with the present, and in turn, blur the border between personal and collective memory.

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