"F for Facetious" (轻浮的”浮) (2014)

by island6

Artist: Liu Dao 六岛 Meda: RGB LED display, acrylic painting, paper collage, teakwood frame Size: 67(W)×48(H)×5(D) cm | 26.4(W)×19(H)×2(D) inches

Full Description

I distinctly remember the first butterflies I felt in my stomach. It was in Michigan at Gilmore Car Museum, She was truly beautiful. White porcelain would fade next to her colors. Shy and standing in the corner by herself, she begged for my attention. I tried to plan how to do it, how to make a connection. Afraid someone would see us, I stood upright, facing the room and slowly backed down to meet my first love. I stopped when I felt her against me. My hand slowly wondering behind my back touched her body. We were together. I felt she was cold. The flow of anxiety filled my limbs and I could not wait any longer. I wanted to know her better, to feel her more.  I let myself in. I went inside her in front of a room crowded with families, friends and strangers.
Mechanophilia (or Mechaphilia) is a paraphilia involving a sexual attraction and arousal to machines such as bicycles, motor vehicles, helicopters and airplanes. In 2008, an American named Edward Smith admitted to 'having sex' with 1000 cars. [Weronika Nossowicz]

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