The House on Usher: Agent Angie Dee, Realtor (2014)

Now out for mobile tablets, The House on Usher is a parody of the hidden object, adventure game genre that is popular among casual game consumers. Quirky Angie Dee, a rookie real estate agent, is sent to sell the split level house on Usher Street, which was abandoned by its owners way back in the 1970s. Help Angie explore the house, solve puzzles and do some serious cleaning to discover the mysterious secret about the property.

Full Description

Do you have what it takes to become an upwardly respected real estate agent? Agent Angie Dee just got her first job at the now two-man shop, Homer Echers Real Estate and is charged with readying the property for sale. As Angie see if you can get the property fixed up to launch her path to riches!

The property has an itsy bitsy problem though, it might be alive, and trying to kill you, and ruin your career! See if you can unlock the mystery of why The House on Usher was abandoned by solving hidden object, word and adventure puzzles and finally hear the ‘ka-ching’ of sold!

To play the game follow the link on the project page to one of the game stores. There's a free trial, then an In-App purchase. Big Fish Games provides a forum and you can read and enter reviews.

The project page also has a link to a 'walk through' document that contains instructions and step-by-step play for for those who like to cheat.

Running time is between 4 and 6 hours.

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Artist Statement

The House on Usher is a commercial collaboration between Red Aphid and industry professionals, and is an attempt to offer a playful alternative to conventional mass culture gamers.

The game features traditional casual game mechanics familiar to players, but injects gags about culture and game play conventions to cause thoughtful players to assess the content and practice decisions game developers are making (other than us, of course).

An interpretation of an Edgar Allan Poe story, upgraded for today’s touch-based culture and fright-filled economy, The House on Usher provides players with countless hours of playful anxiety framing a scaffold of part-time occupation.

This is the latest, and most debt-inducing project by Red Aphid that focuses on flighty, critical -casual readings of mass market interactive entertainment. Past game projects have included riffs on hangman word puzzles, role-playing games, browser art, physics simulators, and aimless clicking games.

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