India Inc. (2011)

Duration: 90 seconds

India Inc. is a new short film created especially for Commercial Break by emerging artist and curator Shwetal Patel. Currently based in India, Patel has sought to recreate the visual atmosphere of the metropolis as it exists now. Utilising the graphic and video based vocabularies found on the internet, Patel examines how India Inc. manifests its presence and control over the city in a multitude of ways. For Patel, the internet represents the latest battlefield for brands, the rapid commercialisation of popular culture and bombardment of the digital space by Brands is something that is mirrored physically by the ever encroaching presence of billboards and advertising messages on television, in print and on the streets.

The film’s main protagonist is an anonymous person surfing the internet in search of the promise that India Inc. can bring for some. From cricket to the economy, bird like high rise buildings and sexy pop up screens, the protagonist is followed through the internet by the invisible hand of desire. The film explores how advertising images and messages are often coded and yet overt and explicit at the same time. As India enters a pivotal era in its growth story, India Inc. is both a warning for and a celebration of the Maximum Country.

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Shwetal Patel Concept and Direction Amit Jadhav Edit and Compositing Sachin Kondhalkar. Visualization & Illustration Sandeep Badgujar Compositing Shreyas Deshpande Illustration Apoorva guptay Photography Amey M. Photography

Produced at Mushroom Sprouts, Mumbai.

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