Walk On Wire (2014)

Walk On Wire is a free iPhone/iPad app created to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Philippe Petit's August 7th, 1974 high-wire walk between the Twin Towers in NYC. Using this app, anyone can walk on a virtual high wire without leaving the ground.

Full Description

Walk on Wire is a simple app that employs the Mapkit framework to transform the functionality of the map from one that finds directions to one that displays a virtual high wire between two user-defined points.

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Artist Statement

Walk on Wire augments a user-defined walk to simulate the experience of walking on a high-wire above the ground. Part balancing and athletic challenge, part game, part homage to Philippe Petit’s famous August 1974 NYC high-wire walk, this app enables anyone to experience what it’s like to perform an aerial walk without leaving the ground. Users share one important behavior with a high-wire walker: she doesn’t look down! Instead, she views the screen while walking and the ground beneath her transforms into a wire with an aerial perspective of her route.

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