How to have a conversation about backpacks (2013)

"How to have a conversation about backpacks" is a video artwork that explores the subtleties of interactions in hostel dormitory rooms.

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Video-artwork, hosted at Youtube,, duration 00:41.

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Artist Statement

In a Reykjavík hostel dorm room, a conversation about backpacks occurred. There is no accompanying audio record of this conversation. Instead, the conversation (re)emerges through the movements of the body and the backpack. The dimensions of the backpack are estimated, traced. The motions of the hands, more-than gestures, attempt to pinpoint these delicate moments when backpacks and bodies come together in action. This conversation is performative, yet is an actual lived event. It employs aesthetics, but not in an artistic manner. In four steps, this video outlines instructions for how to have a conversation about backpacks.

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