Vom Vergessen (2012)

"Vom Vergessen" is a work in progress with the artist Mirjam Morad. We explore the outer landscape with all our senses, yearn for modes to connect with the inner self, with the image as the key agent in this exchange. "There are windows or wavelengths of perception. They are simultaneous and interwoven at any one moment, but we are tuned only to a certain frequency range." (Bill Viola, Statements, 1985). Mirjam and I search for ways of re-living, re-embodying memory that is within our boundaries of perception.

Mirjam Morad is a Vienna based performer with strong ties to Kazuo Ohno, one of the founders of Butoh, an avant-garde performance art in postwar Japan. We met in 2008 and began collaborating on various themes, related to Butoh.

Work metadata

  • Year Created: 2012
  • Submitted to ArtBase: Saturday Aug 30th, 2014
  • Original Url: http://unstill.net/
  • Work Credits:
    • laurent ziegler, primary creator
    • mirjam morad, performer
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