T3L3\/!S!0/\/3 (T|-|4/\/K_Y0U_$!£V!0) <NSFW> (2014)

GIFWALL presentation of the video "teleVisione"

Full Description

The video is a project by Luigi Console (luigiconsole.com) & Domenico Dom Barra (dombarra.tumblr.com/) The video was selected at OPEN DEEP TRASH ITALIA by Archivio Queer Italia and CUNTemporary / London (UK) and also for Cloud Makers and Open Tech: An Open Exhibition - Vancouver (Canada), an exhibition curated by Erik H Zepka

Work metadata

  • Year Created: 2014
  • Submitted to ArtBase: Tuesday Sep 2nd, 2014
  • Original Url: http://newhive.com/dombarra/televisione
  • Work Credits:
    • domenicodombarra, primary creator
    • Luigi Console, datamosh, video editing, sound
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Artist Statement

Disgraceful entertainment incessantly and repeatedly on broadcast invading the physical and mental space of many inviduals and family unit, it will eventually become reality, it will become a way of life, a state of mind of a whole country uncapable of thinking/reacting to reclaim a dignity, to reclaim their lives from a “berlusconian” mutual destiny, FAIL! We would love to be the 3RR0R that interrupts this infectious malicious broadcasting, the /GL!TC|-| that fails it!...or at least...mould the frames and trash the icons of a rotting paradise. Iconoclasm is our datamosh!

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