Silent Verses With Our Whirlwind Imagination (2014)

Mixed Media 141010 85cmx117cm

Ryota Matsumoto is a principal of Ryota Matsumoto Studio based in Tokyo. He received Master of Architecture from University of Pennsylvania in 2007 after studying at Architectural Association in London and Mackintosh School of Architecture, Glasgow School of Art in early 90's. His drawings and built work are featured in numerous Japanese and English publications. His current interest gravitates around the embodiment of cultural possibilities in art, architecture, and urban topography.

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The complex spatial structures and forms are created by algorithmic and generative processes. Then they are redefined and reconfigured with traditional painting/drawing techniques that add colors, textures and details to compositions.

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Artist Statement

The drawings develop and demonstrate the hybrid/multi-layered process where varying scale, juxtaposition of different forms, intertwined textures/tones are applied to reinvent and question the spatial conditions of drawings. His artworks explore a hybrid drawing technique combining both traditional media (ink, acrylic, and graphite) and digital media (algorithmic processing, scripting and image compositing with custom software ) .

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