"DELETE" (2014)

I have created a a language to delete. 210 graphemes that don´t carry meaning by themselves. One grapheme is not an "A" or a "B" but anything that we want: Ex. 3GB of philosophical texts, 20MB graphics or nothing. The idea is to purge language with no-language, a maintenance-language. To create a language to delete: Delete the language between humans or between machines, hard drives, the memories, the alphabetic convention, textual noise, the "junk" operating systems, the satellite data, the identity on-line, the identity-off-line, the algorithmic remains on the hard drives that are not going with hammers.

Full Description

Marcello Mercado Löschen/DELETE, 2012 1-channel video-sound installation/ interactive performance, 10min 05sec stereo 16:9 black/white

Honorary Mention/ Prix Ars Electronica/ Interactive Art, 2012 http://prix2012.aec.at/prixwinner/6119/

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Artist Statement

The performer is seated in front of the audience. The performer invite the audience to participate and to a language-delete . The performer -sourranded by the audience- is confronting one member of the public in a kind of Language-Duel with graphems and Glosolalia. and uncontrollable flow of words. Running Time: 10 minutes.

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