Nick Briz Loves Facebook (2014)

This was originally exhibited at a speedshow. If you don't like Youtube then

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This was originally exhibited at a speedshow. If you don't like Youtube then

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Artist Statement

The concept that drives this piece is that of digital remixing, and the remix culture that we live in today. (1) This culture would not be possible without digital technology. It’s also inspired by the idea that anything you post publicly online is not safe from being remixed, which is something that not everyone is aware of. For instance, a physical picture posted in a public space would not be available to anyone to take down and mess with. Otherwise it would be vandalism. Nowadays, people must be aware of violating copyright law (2). But non-copyrighted material, for example one of those personal monologue videos on Youtube, is fair game for anyone to remix. This is sort of similar to things done by other net artists, for example Dora Moutot and her Webcam Tears piece (3) which made a strong statement about how important cameras are to us in the digital age. Digital remixing actually has a long tradition in art, stemming from the appropriations of postmodernists (4). This piece was made by taking a video of someone on Youtube, and remixing it until it seems as though he says the opposite of what he said in the original video. This makes a strong statement about the concept. 1. 2. 3. Art and the Internet, page 20 4. Themes of Contemporary Art, 3rd edition, page 18

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