i.N::te/®nA(L); (2015)

by aed_dmg

Computer folder that uses the mythos of the Dark Net and Gothic tropes/styles in order to "other" the desktop and the ways in which one expects to navigate through it.

Full Description

A computer folder that contains a variety of multi-media content such as text-documents, image files, videos, and script applications.

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Artist Statement

The GUI is a concept that has been embedded onto most (if not all) of the ways we interface with commercial computing products. Ever since its creation in 1973, the GUI has become increasingly refined and sophisticated. Consequently, this has resulted in a an overall system that is transparent, where things are just expected to work and certain protocols are expected to be followed. Obfuscation for the sake of functionality is the name of the game. What i.N::te/®nA(L); seeks to do is pervert these very expectations, within the context of a very specific GUI (that of Mac OSX), creating a desktop experience that is visceral, palpable, and that critically engages with the systems we often take for granted.

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