motion sensor drawing (2015)

In my works I look for motion in mind and matter that is truly drawing motion, and yet maps itself into the cyber sleeve in polyphonic morphology in which the chords strings and threads of cyber drawing "strange loops" have an M->Orphic value.

Full Description

All works are cyber drawing therefore dimension variable in which a thematic of drawing which symbolizes both language and itself creates an information architecture embedding trace and rhizome towards an interest in drawing as transcending indices while revamping a potential for Structuralism of a sort- responsive to what one might call visual -verbal morphimes of the visual verbal doppelganger that is concept formation.

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Artist Statement

The genesis of dialectic forms :ethos pathos and dialectic meet in the first two the the implications of discourse and in general this leads me to consider the embedding of semiotics and phenomenology per issues of identity usage and being, effectuating affect as opposed to affecting effect, thus immersion, interactive and generative values. These accordingly enable between tableau and environment the virtual chords threads and string of motion sensor drawing that finds of the trace, the "stain" the complementary rhizome or unusual architectures by which the semiotic blending of art as use of creative environment is enabled towards archive per art in a world more directly art for art's sake on a variable level, a pre and post philosophical mood and mode.

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