Pattern Block Virtual Drawing Continuum: Super Patterns (2015)

My Drawing series takes Asian carpentry cognates in abstract loops in a series which as drawn through my cyber medium perform something as an accelerator towards the particulars of the series as they join what might be termed the pre- and post philosophical dimensions of these visual rhetorics.

Pre-philosophy- the sense of intuition by which the Pre-Socratics mediated discourse towards a more active poetics, and Post philosophy of pragmatics in which topologies (patterns) emerge to a semiotic discernment towards the phenomenological ends of experience become embedded in my art presentation to some involvement with patterns per se . The block, or drawing which has an embedded sense of the series transmits towards the pattern experience a different field than the originary sense of pattern might seem to suggest...

Full Description

The drawings are a canonical series of Asian carpentry form become computer drawing cognates of polymorphic transformation according to the embedding of trace and rhizome as vector and rastor. Such forms in their convolvulum are a kind of herm which in the cyber sleeve become a double hermeneutic or nachtraglechkeit, and the the transpose by which the object block becomes a pattern block and the pattern block an object are the transgressions and contingencies of a metonymy within the chain of signifiers and the particles which as the drawing mark are discursive to and exposive of meandering spatial construct between labyrinth and monument within a time of pre and post philosophy meaning that the object pattern fleshes itself from inward out as well as outward in as the blink link of Janus.

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  • Year Created: 2015
  • Submitted to ArtBase: Monday May 18th, 2015
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  • Work Credits:
    • edwinvangorder, primary creator
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Artist Statement

According to a visual invitational rhetoric of ethos pathos and dialectic the first two terms create the conditions of experience as discourse and discursive to ethos for me invites the sense of synechdoche between pattern and pattern block which invert their relation yet beyon "oscillation" become through the sense of the motion sensor drawing a conflux in which the drawing poetic is that of a kind of particle accelerator into the domain of conceptual patterning and visual-verbal morphemes as it were.

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