One Minute Video: Rubbings of Labyrinth (2015)

I archive work in a canonical series which I place as "labyrinth " Pdfs , the sensationg of scrollng through the self created border of ones own motion is like the motion sensor drawing itself. In the video here I have created rubbing like images from the cross sections of this experience which in the timing of the video have a sense of the prosodic meter ofwalking...

Full Description

The drawing mode is one of streamings that permit drawing to entertain a sense of both tableau and environment while not beholde to the palimpsest but can make time reversal immediate, infinitely layered, opaque and transparent conceptually to trace and rhizome, rastor and vector

Work metadata

  • Year Created: 2015
  • Submitted to ArtBase: Wednesday May 20th, 2015
  • Original Url:
  • Work Credits:
    • edwinvangorder, primary creator
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Artist Statement

I draw through the motion sensor media as interpollation and interpellation of the indices of photo software that structure drawing programs. I create from an appreciation of Zeno's arrow paradox ( that indices do not indicate motion) the morphological arrow of a visual verbal rhetoric, the space of conceptual extension as poiesis and poetic, the behind the scenes poetics of information architecture.

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