Morphological Arrows (2015)

Morphological arrows- in set theory information retained through change carries some of the overtones by which cubism lent "intersection, union, opposition" to Boolian sets and information architecture. This in turn becomes the grounds for the neologistic sense of "topology" which then more nearly means the conflux of metamorphic elements which in embedding the semiotic and the phenomenological perception -as -reading- as concept... My art as archive builds on drawing as a neologism in itself through the "motions sensor"medium and Zeno's Arrow therefore is my predicate to morphology in the sense of a non indexical sense of motion as completely fluid, not a ganging of points.

Full Description

Threre for the included works are such chords threads and string of the strange loops of cyber drawing virtuality. The Labyrinth forms, ironic mimetic arrows, complex embedding of color conflux and equally complex subracting, topologies, mappings in terra loop forms, streamings and mappings all work a morphic sense of osmotic form.

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  • Year Created: 2015
  • Submitted to ArtBase: Sunday May 31st, 2015
  • Original Url:
  • Work Credits:
    • edwinvangorder, primary creator
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Artist Statement

Therefore if I may pick up on the previous comment I may title my works often as sectors, avoiding titles, on the basis of the idea of the drawing approaching the number rather than the number describing the drawing. However the polyphonic voice that engages to a sense of constructive rhetoric motivates me as well to place writing in my works sometimes. The archiving impulse then as well involves creating labyrinthine like conditons, interactive architectures, and a sense of the torus build through the cyber loop both inside out and outside in.

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