Sites (2015)

New sites on Google earth 3D: series of extended interactive Google maps.

Most buildings on Google earth are auto-generated 3D mashups where flat 2D aerial imagery are streched across the surface of 3D models. This automated process of texture mapping builds a new strange world full of crippled architecture and surreal sceneries.

The work sites places new 3D models into the world of Google earth; everyday personal objects from the interior are moved onto empty sites around the world of the Google cartography. These foreign objects are wrapped within the background surrounding them. It is a superimposition of the superimposition, a mashup of the mashup, creating new maps where you navigate through the tiny world of objects like a bed, a chair, a stack of newspapers, a jacket etc. rather than through the wide world of Google earth.

Work metadata

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Artist Statement

Opening of the online exhibition series on

30.09. – 01.11. 2015

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