Aav Allen Alain Viguier
Since 2007
Works in verneuil sur avre France

Allen Alain Viguier, alias Alain Viguier, alias Aav.

An object oriented / externalist practice developed since the late 1980s in which the object is conceived as correlated with a field of external relations curatorial practices are part of.

This externalist perspective based in process philosophy has split away from the assumption the object preexists its practical external relationships. Such a switch implies that the problem before being formal needs first to account for an epistemic or paradigmatic background and data-mapping guiding observation. A new way of looking at a common form replaces the ability form has in providing a base for its own renewal.

The furtherance of radical abstract painting's object-tendency by bracketing the object and suspending its internality up to a shift point is a methodological condition for observing an external field of reciprocal causation the object coexists with and for unfolding it. A virtual (nonetheless real) field which is to the object what mind is to consciousness in perceiving that object.

Considering that both the object and its external field as two locally exclusive but complementary dimensions of a same work the structural devision between art and the curatorial becomes a means for their unification.
The problems entailed by this shift are often complex while they demand a refocussing on a number of historical concepts in art theory and aesthetics. Differencing the future (the possible) from the past in questioning these concepts is also often an occasion to bring the worlds of their original meanings back to life.

Information and the material world are conditional to one another. Acting at an informational level theory can only be seen by the pragmatist as a component in larger sequential and systemic processes only art can tell.

Texts include Just what is it that makes the same so different? The object after post-object art, 2015. Esthétique de l'artefact extatique. Art et design. 2013. Logique du Cadre, précédents et conséquences de la néo avant-garde, 2005.

Exhibitions in Australia and France. Promoting Object art and the exhibition of the exhibition.
Some exhibitions listed at: http://www.artfacts.net/en/artist/aav-205051/profile.html