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It’s Only Humanist

I don't know about you, but I definitely don't sense anything even remotely resembling "irony," or "a longing for...direction" in the bulk of tech-centric works that appropriate Greek shit. What I do sense is a knee-jerk tendency to imbibe a newer and less recognized form of media with the import and officialdom of an aesthetic that has lasted centuries (the architecural style of all major governmental buildings in the US is Greco-Roman, and the basis of all Western democracy is in Greece).

General consensus among most people is that the digital portion of things is what will outlive everything else. Greek art is timeless, yeah, but inversely equating that lasting quality with files on a computer is a little silly; to date, the only multimedia file format I can think of that has operated consistently since it was first started, is a Flash file (aside: Rafael Rozendaal mentioned in a speech that he chooses Flash over a combination of javascript/html/whatever, because Adobe products are backwards compatible).