I am a Seattle-based artist. I received my BFA in Painting and Drawing from the University of Washington in 2006 and my MFA in Interdisciplinary Visual Art from the Burren College of Art, The National University of Ireland, Galway.

I use my art as a means to explore how my perception changes based upon the context in which I am considering it. It is the extremes of meaning that are generated about the place in which I exist, as experienced from contrasting emotional situations, that most interests me as an artist.

Real and imagined habitats are the symbolic language I use to express conflicting reactions to the experiences of my life. My hero is Louise Bourgeois. I am so inspired by how she was able to create objects and cells which address very personal themes while simultaneously inspiring universal connection with the viewer. I strive to build images and structures which allow others to recognize something in them that resonates with their own thoughts and feelings.

Much of my creative energy is drawn from place. While my work is quite subjective it is also a record of where I am at. I observe and reinterpret my environment according to my personal reactions. The end product may not be immediately recognizable as being either autobiographical or a product of environment, but it will carry a feeling of that place and my reactions. My purpose is to give the viewer a sensation rather than a story.