Brisa MP
Since 2009
Works in Santiago Chile

Brisa MP

Transdisciplinary Chilean artist. She is investigates the body, science and technology relationship.

Her work in dance and performance art language try to develop questions and research about new human body conceptions, body-city-technology relationship, and study new methodologies, paradigms, art forms from the technology use.

In 2009 she published book “INTERFERENCIAS”, and she writes in Escaner cultural and Danza contemporánea digitals magazines.

She is director the International meeting INTERFACE Art, Bod science and technology, and FIVC, International Videodance Festival of Chile.

She´s licensed in Visual Arts, Arcis University (Chile). Postgraduate in “Studies and Projects in Visual Culture” Barcelona University(Spain). She she studied Dance in the University (Chile) , workshops and seminaries in dance, digital medias and technology in Europe and Latin American.

Actually, She works in Chile and Argentina, live in Buenos Aires and develop final studies of Masters in Technology and Aesthetics of Electronic Arts, Tres de Febrero National University in Buenos Aires (Argentina).

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