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Former professional exorcist & combat magician, retired to write on and study deeper aspects of occultism, consciousness and reality alteration.
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Everything is a Game: A (very) Brief History of Larp Part 3

Great end to a brilliant series, Paul. So much fits into how I view society (though I've not LARP'd since the ramshackle days of TREASURE TRAP down in Chiselhurst Caves!).

The one word that jumped out at me reading this installment was 'Juggalo'. Such a weird combo of TAZ & LARP...


Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s Science Fiction TV Film World on a Wire

World On A Wire is a fascinating, odd piece of television. The novel it's based on - Simulacron-3 by Daniel F. Galouye - was also the basis of the 1999 film The Thirteenth Floor. I'll be covering this (and, tangentially, World on a Wire) in my essay series The Mason Lang Film Club at 
The intro to the series can be seen here.