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Fwd: CARTES Flux vol2 17-24.4. WeeGee ja Kulttuurikeskus

> CARTES FLUX vol2 - Terror & Beautiful Promises with Laughter


April 2007 on -empyre- : TechnoPanic: Terrors and Technologies

April 2007 on -empyre- soft-skinned space: TechnoPanic: Terrors and

with Horit Herman-Peled (IS), Brooke Singer (US), Paul Vanouse (US),
and Sean Cubit (AU)

moderated by Tim Murray (US) and Renate Ferro (US)

From surveillance and mobile technologies to fears and public
panic, the ambivalent attraction of technologies of terror shifts
registers between post-cold war and post 9-11sensibilities, whether
from international or cross-generational zones of engagement. We
will discuss how panic, paranoia, critical resistance to, and
appropriation of technologies of terror are mediated by the threat
and fear of violence in the interlinked networks of mobile media,
domestic space, and the public sphere.

Please join this discussion -- subscribe at

Guest biographies:

-------------------------------------------------------->Horit Herman-
Peled (IS) is a media artist, theorist, and feminist activist in Tel
Aviv, who teaches art and digital culture at the Art Institute,
Oranim College, Israel.

-------------------------------------------------------->Brook Singer
US) is a Brooklyn-based digital media artist and arts organizer who
lives in Brooklyn. A member of Preemptive Media, her most recent
collaborations, both as an artist and curator, utilize wireless (Wi-
Fi, mobile phone cameras, RFID) as tools for initiating discussion
and positive system failures. She is Assistant Professor of New
Media at SUNY Purchase.

------------------------------------------------------->Paul Vanouse
(US) makes data collection devices that include polling and
categorization (for interactive cinema), genetic experiments that
undermine scientific constructions of identity, and temporary
organizations that performatively critique institutionalization and
corporatization. He teaches in the Art Dept. at the University of
Buffalo (SUNY).

-------------------------------------------------------->Sean Cubitt
(AU) teaches media and communications at the University of Melbourne.
Among his numerous books on cinema and new media are EcoMedia, The
Cinema Effect, and Digital Aesthetics. Sean has curated numerous
exhibitions and is Editor in Chief of the Leonardo Book Series for
MIT Press.


Renate Ferro (US) conceptual artist, visiting Assistant Professor of
Art, Cornell University, and Timothy Murray (US), curator, the Rose
Golden Archive of New Media Art and
Acting Director of the Society for the Humanities, Cornell
University. Their most recent collaboration has involved Renate's
installation "Panic Hits Home" for the The Finger Lakes
Environmental Film Festival in Marchl 2007. (FLEFF) is a one-week
multimedia inter-arts extravaganza that reboots the environment and
sustainability into a larger global conversation, embracing issues
ranging from labor, war, health, disease, music, intellectual
property, fine art, software, remix culture, economics, archives,
AIDS, women's rights, and human rights. This year's festival will
focus on new content streams: Maps and Memes, Metropoli, Panic
Attacks, and Soundscaping.

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March_2007_on_-empyre-_:__Baudrillard_Enonce,_o r,_The_Future_of_Theory_

Baudrillard Enonce, or, The Future of Theory

with Aliette Guibert Certhoux and McKenzie Wark

Moderated by Nicholas Ruiz III (US) editor, and
Christina McPhee (US)

with special guests Aliette Guibert Certhoux (FR), editor, editions
critical secret, Paris

and, McKenzie Wark, Associate Professor of Media Studies, Eugene
Lang College and the New School for Social Research, New York

enoncer (FR): to convey 'in a particular manner of speaking or
presentation,' quite similar to English 'enuciation,' perhaps with
more subtle depth..

With the passing of Baudrillard, it seems timely and important to
reflect on how philosophy matters, how it is enonce, in our lives.

The conversation will be bilingual in French and English,
translations included.

Please join us! contribute your writing, exchange ideas and
observations. Subscribe at

our guests:

Guibert Certhoux: De l'enfance -- qui lui a donne a apprendre
l'enfance de ses parents, celle
de ses grand-parents, celle de ses arriere-grand-parents, a celle de
ses propres enfants et petits-enfants, et d'autre part, de
l'environnement de
leurs amis et partenaires jusqu'a l'environnement divers des siens,
aimes, amis, allies, et rencontres, elle imagine trois siecles de
diversite sociale
en meme temps, sans diplome et sans parti sinon celui de
l'insoumission legitime au troisieme millenaire, ce qui fait la
complexite insolente, mais
sans complexe, de l'actualite de la directrice des publications, de
la revue --, toutes disciplines confondues y font
le lit de
l'indiscipline feconde.

Wark is the author of Gamer Theory (Harvard University Press, 2007),
A Hacker Manifesto (Harvard University Press 2004) and other things.
He teaches at the New School for Social Research and Eugene Lang
College in New York City.


------------------------------------------------->Nicholas Ruiz III
was born in New York City in 1970. He teaches in the Humanities
Program in the University of North Carolina at Asheville. He is the
author of The Metaphysics of Capital, (Intertheory Press, 2006). He
is also the editor of Kritikos.

------------------------------------------------>Christina McPhee is
a media artist in California. Forthcoming 2007 exhibitions include
"Carrizo Parkfield Diaries" at the American University Katzen Art
Center Museum, Washington DC; and "La Conchita N=Amour" at
Thresholds Artspace, Horsecross, Perth, Scotland. Her work is
represented by Sara Tecchia Roma New York


Sarai Reader 6 now available

forward from the sarai list.............Sarai Reader 6 is now avai

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Subject: [Reader-list] Review: Sarai Reader 06: Turbulence
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Dear All,

The first review of Sarai Reader 06: Turbulence is out in the Himal.
I am
pasting below with the link.

Enjoy! and if you haven't bought or downloaded your copy yet, what
are you
waiting for ?? ;)



Fluid dynamics: A prediction for the 24th century

by | Siddharth Anand

These are warning signs, the end of the world is nigh.