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La Conchita Paradise

essay : La Conchita Paradise [excerpt]

Christina McPhee

La Conchita mon amour (2005-2006) is a site study of the aftermath
of a deadly debris that occurred in 2005 in the town of La Conchita,
California, about one hundred miles north of Los Angeles. The title
bears homage to "Hiroshima mon amour", the film by Alain Resnais
(1959) with screenplay by Margeurite Duras. A 1995 debris flow is
thought to have released only ten percent of its potential mass, and
that the 2005 flow is possibly a remobilization or sequelae to the
1995 flow. Residents live with a huge mass in the center of the
village that has not been removed. They have covered the mudslide
with shrines and improvised gardens in defiance of the county's order
to keep out. For the past year at one month intervals, I shot medium
format and digital photographs of the disaster


book release: The Metaphysics of Capital by Nicholas Ruiz

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> From: "Nicholas Ruiz III" <>
> Date: October 24, 2006 6:53:39 AM PDT
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> Subject: ::fibreculture:: book release: The Metaphysics of Capital
> The Metaphysics of Capital
> Nicholas Ruiz III
> ISBN: 097899020X
> Release date: intertheory press, November 1, 2006
> available at amazon,
> barnes and noble, etc.
> Product Description
> "A history of Capital, like a history of religion, reflects little
> more than
> the current fashion in historical time. A metaphysics of Capital,
> derived
> from the preponderance of a capitalizing bare life, supports the
> idea that
> Capital has no birth, but is eternally complicit with life, the only
> variance being, the way in which we define Capital. Capital, that
> is, the
> coining of the term--is not synonymous with its inception, or more
> saliently, there is no immaculate conception of Capital. Like the
> genetic
> Code, our identification of it did not make it so; make it exist,
> as it
> were. Evidently, unlike God, the Code preceded our conception of it.
> Ironically, like God, the Code must capitalize upon an environment
> in order
> to survive. In other words, Capital is a currency of the Code"
> About the Author
> Nicholas Ruiz III was born in New York City. He teaches bioethics,
> ethics
> and critical thought in the department of Humanities at Kaplan
> University.
> He is also the editor of Kritikos,


Fwd: Pamela Z's "Wunderkabinet" premieres in Los Angeles

Wunderkabinet at REDCAT!

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> Subject: Pamela Z's "Wunderkabinet" premieres in Los Angeles
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Re: Call for Submissions: winterwhite

dear Bridget, I would love to enter this. I am working on a salt
flats video. the right color ! but could you check the url? It 's
file not found in safari.


On Oct 10, 2006, at 7:44 AM, Bridget Kies wrote:

> pretty blue sky, a Chicago-based interdisciplinary arts
> organization, is currently accepting video and other digital art
> for "winterwhite" on Friday, December 15, 2006. All submissions
> should consider white, from trivial to political, as color,
> fashion, race, mark of purity, snow, and so on.
> Videos will be screened throughout the evening. Two-dimensional
> digital art may be displayed throughout the space. Other works
> will be considered and shown as appropriate.
> Please visit for more
> details and for submission instructions.
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Re: Brazilian media art at ZKM

I really like how Lucas describes Giselle's conditional 'view' from
the 'inside' of things