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Christophe Bruno: Global Artists in the Pharmakon LIbrary

Fri Jun 04, 2010 00:00 - Fri Jun 04, 2010

New additions to the PHARMAKON LIBRARY:

Christophe Bruno : Global Artists

Marx + Lenin
Sarko + Bruni
Bush + Bin Laden
Jesus C
A. Hitler
Mao Zedong global-artists-3-mao.html

Imagine that the history of the world was turned upside-down and that the historical characters who left their mark in our schoolbooks, were reincarnated as... artists. What works of art would they produce?

It's of course impossible to forget the blood some of them spilled, or to put aside the eventual good they did to mankind. It's also hard to believe that some of the concepts described here could be "hijacked" in such perverted ways by these people, if they were artists.

So don't take all this too seriously. It's just a nightmare drawn from my sick imagination.

--Christophe Bruno

Christophe Bruno lives and works in Paris. He began his artistic activity in September 2001. His polymorphic work (installations, performances, conceptual pieces) is a critical take on network phenomena and globalisation in the field of language and images. He divides his time between his artistic activity, curating,†teaching, lectures and publications.

"Global Artists" was first conceived in 2003 as an online work. The project was reactivated and reworked in March 2010 in a non virtual context, on the occasion of the exhibition "Le paradoxe du petit monde" curated by Judith Lavagna and Cyril Verde, at Galerie Ars Longa in Paris. 3D realization for the Marx&Lenin piece: FrÈdÈric Lepeltier.

Pharmakon LIbrary is a speculative graphics project by Christina McPhee
in association with Silverman Gallery San Francisco
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Lena Lapshina: Under the Water / Above the Water (2)

Sun May 30, 2010 00:00 - Sun May 30, 2010



Lena Lapschina: Under and Above the Water

"Under the water": mind-expanding, 100 \% natural!

Existence without sound and verbal communication can turn out into an advantage - at least in the short term. This is what the participants in the photo sessions for the "Under the water / Above the water" project easily find out. Cold water may limit the fun.
Hot and cold all over. Both under the water and above the water, life can be pretty harsh. Even on tropical islands - if you aren't a tourist. "Sich über Wasser halten", a German metaphor, is not about fun at all, but about the basis of one's livelihood.
he portraits are showing two of my voluntary victims of icy arctic circle photo shooting. Great colors thanks to Swedish sea characteristics and midnight sun!

Underwater portraits passing by remind the viewer of Ichtiander, the personage from Beljaeff's science fiction novel Amphibiousman.

Exhibition history:

"RISK" Lulea Art Biennial, Lulea Sweden, 2009
"Idyll" Atelier 030202, Bucharest, 201-

Technical data:

Under the water / Above the water
125 x 83 cm (50 by 33 in) / Ilfoflex/Diasec/Alu
edition of 6 (+2 EA)

contact: lena at

Pharmakon Library is a speculative graphics project

by Christina McPhee

in association with Silverman Gallery, San Francisco


Caitlin Berrigan: Marshmallow Crash

Tue Apr 06, 2010 00:00 - Tue Apr 06, 2010

United States of America

A new contribution to the Pharmakon Library

Caitlin Berrigan: Marshmallow Crash

Marshmallow Crash (digital video, 8 min looping), 2008

Just before the market crash in the Fall of 2008 and the imminent departure of the Bush administration, I sensed impending doom. Perhaps it was facing at last the immense grief of the prior eight years, during which it felt like we could do little more than hold our breath until we were blue in the face. I was compelled to create work based on the insidious, fluffy iconography of the marshmallow and the American landscape. After the crumbling of capitalist monuments in the Fall and the uncertainty of American empire, the metaphors of Marshmallow Crash are oddly prescient.

Marshmallow Crash depicts an American Pie character as she violently confronts an oversized marshmallow amidst an idyllic pastoral landscape. The light, fluffy buoyancy promised by the giant marshmallow is never quite delivered as the character repeatedly impacts the marshmallow and is left marked, exhausted and unfulfilled. - CB