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War as a Way of LIfe

Sat Sep 27, 2008 00:00 - Fri Sep 26, 2008

War as a Way of Life image

ARTNIGHT at 18th Street Art Center Santa Monica

Curated by Clayton Campbell

September 27 - December 19, 2008

Opens Saturday, September 27, 6:00-9pm
Main Gallery

Susan Crile, Binh Danh, Barry Frydlender, Hometown Baghdad, Marty Horowitz, Cindy Kane, Ronald Lopez, Christina Mcphee, Catherine Opie, Stacy Peralta, David Reeb, Sinan Leong Revell, Daniel Ruanova, Larry Scarpa, Mark Spencer, and:

Project Room: Threshold of the Innocent and Martyred, an installation by Amitis Motevalli, 2008 Artist Fellow @ 1629 18th Street Studio #2

Aztlan Underground
Aztlan Underground
Photo courtesy of Benjamin Anayo

Saturday, September 27, 2008
6:15-8:30 pm
On Stage

Formed in Los Angeles in 1990, AUG has been true to their name and beliefs by playing political rallies and underground venues and anywhere that the doors are not closed. Creating a new sound that is still evolving, AUG captures the psyche and transcends to all ethnic groups, capturing a universal rhythm to convey their message of "self-determination and decolonization.

curator's statement


I was 18 years old in 1969, and my draft number was 31. That fatal number (for those who didn’t want to be drafted) began my involvement in anti-war activities, and supporting a national agenda of peace. I have always been in the opposition, it seems, because the wars just keep coming. Because I am a’ person of conscience’ the specter and reality of war has threaded through my life in ways that have changed who I am and how I view the world, and how I interact with persons around me.

In “War As A Way of Life” I am looking at the phenomena of how people who are exposed to long term effects of war change and mutate and perhaps become something else altogether. Yesterday Ingmar Bergman died, and I recalled his movie, “Shame.” It was his provocative answer to the Vietnam war, depicting how ordinary, civilized people are transformed when war suddenly overtakes them. This is the kind of sensibility I am hoping to bring to “War As A Way of Life”, to look at how different communities respond to conflict as a constant refrain in their daily lives.

War can be in Iraq, it can be in our own city, it can be in our heads. Whether it is a mis- -begotten foreign adventure run by incompetent politicians and corrupt industrialists, a neighborhood terrified of the gangs that control it, or our own psyches polluted with media images of slashers, serial killers, and action stars, violence is transformative. The responses are varied, and I will be asking the artists in the project to look closely at their personal, very human responses. In terms of the overall project at 18th Street, ‘Future of Nations’ of which “War As A Way of Life is one of the themes, an understanding of what is happening to our collective psyche is critical to transformative change which is positive and proactive.

- Clayton Campbell


art price

hi Elen,

you might try talking with dealers and gallerists who market digital art. There are lots of them!~

besides Bitforms (thanks Marc for the ref), just for starters:

also check out the magazine for more links.

and rhizomers PAM are a good resource too-- for digital video scene/market/etc:


darkbot New York City Darkbot NYC: Christina McPhee, David Steinberg, and Sam Pluta

Wed Sep 03, 2008 00:00 - Sun Aug 31, 2008

The 1002306th dorkbot-nyc meeting will take place at 7pm on Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008 at Location One in SoHo, 26 Greene Street (between Canal and Grand). The meeting is free and open to the public. Please bring snacks to share.

David Steinberg: mobile music machines
Lots of interesting musical software have been developed more or less recently for portable videogames consoles (Gameboy, PSP, etc.), PDAs or other similar platforms. I'll present many of these applications (for Nintendo Gameboy, Palm OS, Sony PSP, Nintendo DS, Gamepark consoles, etc.), explain what's needed to use them, who created them, what are the advantages and disadvantages of developing musical software for each platform and of course show some examples of what can be done with these new instruments.

Christina McPhee : Shake Stations
California-based filmmaker and artist Christina McPhee is 'outback' in earthquake country this summer, shooting HD video at Parkfield, California with new media installation artist DV Rogers (New Zealand/Sydney). DV is building and activating a major land art work- an hydraulically activated, remote -sensor activated seismic intervention table. DV's PIEQF installation reacts to mini-tremors and shakes in realtime. Following DV and crew as they install the project this summer and fall, Christina's documentary takes on the gradual installation of the table as an elaborate time based performance, with ironic and playful resonances to land art and the highly saturated dramatic space of sixties nouvelle vague (new wave) film. Via abstract drawing, experimental video and photomontage, Christina makes performative recordings at generative 'moment-tensors' where biological systems clash and meet with technological. and often security-challenged, sublime landscapes at the urban edge. At places of emergence at folds or 'tesserae' in landscapes of latent energy, her methods involve meditative engagement in remote sites like Parkfield, and also this year at live geothermal plants over the San Andreas Fault, next to the declining aquifer of Salton Sea, near the Mexico/California border. Her work slips past the indexical to trace dynamic loops between biological and technologically emergent states, making connections between human traumatic memory, disturbed terrains, and bare life.

Sam Pluta: data structures/monoliths ii (for chion)
Video samplers. Software as musical scores. Data structures as musical materials. Copyright laws. Data loops. Why Chewbacca is not in the OS X spell checker. Blocks of sounds. Laptop improvisation. And Michel Chion. All this and more will be discussed as Sam Pluta presents his work, data structures/monoliths ii (for chion).


projects about 'borders'

and now, for a nationwide look at how misfortune knows no borders,

"Bush Tours America to Survey Damage Caused by his Disastrous Presidency" via the Onion



It would be interesting to read / see the proposal that got rejected. If you could post it on Rhizome, we can spread it around the net.